Split Pea Soup with Leeks

I have so many great recipes I want to get posted, but I’ve been feeling like I have to post with pretty pictures and it’s slowing me down. Half the time I make the darn thing and realize along the way I didn’t take pics and probably won’t be making it again for at least a week. Or I remember at the end to take the pic of the final product but all my ingredient shots and chances for pics showing the cooking process didn’t happen. I decided to just get some stuff up here with no photos or stock photos I find somewhere and go back and edit/add my own pics later. Hope you don’t mind!!

This recipe is such an accident, really it’s comical. On vacay with my parents and family in Palm Springs, my mom made this soup and we loved it. I asked her for the recipe and she said “It’s on the bag of the split peas”. Really? People actually try recipes that come on the packaging of foods they buy? Who knew!!? I have adapted it a little bit, but it was actually really healthy as it was on the bag- shocker! Soups are a great way to make something that will serve for more than one meal, transport easily if you need something to take to work, and when you just have to leave something simmering for an hour you can get so many other things done while “cooking”. :)

Also, I love leeks!! I don’t know if it’s typical to make split pea soup with leeks, but I certainly won’t be messing with a good thing. Split peas are a legume and provide about 11 grams each of protein and fiber per serving.

[Notes: The recipe recommended cooking all veggies whole and blending in a food processor at the end. The soup simmers for at least an hour so everything is completely soft by the end. Chopping the veggies I found no need to blend and just enjoyed my soup with a creamy yet hearty texture. Try it either way, but I’d rather chop the veggies and clean 1 knife than blend and have to clean my whole food processor! Oh, and I don’t have a good history of success blending or pureeing hot substances. I don’t know what I’m missing, but I usually create some type of kitchen-destroying explosion that I can do without. If you aren’t challenged in this area, by all means, blend away!]

Green Split PeasSplit Pea Soup with Leeks

1 Cup green split peas
4 large carrots peeled + cut into circles
1 tsp Turmeric
2 onions peeled + chopped
2 stalks leeks, washed + chopped
5 Cups organic chicken broth
2 Tbsp olive oil
Salt + pepper to taste

Optional: add ham or Trader Joe’s organic garlic chicken sausage cut into bit size pieces.

Mix all ingredients, bring to a boil, cover and let simmer 50-60 min or until cooked. (In making this 3 times, I really want the peas completely soft and it seems to take about 60-70 min, but depending on the peas you use it could vary, doesn’t hurt to taste after 50 min and see how they are doing.)



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  1. Kirsten – just spend $30 and get yourself a Smart Stick or immersion blender – no more blending soups in a food processor or blender – such a pain. The immersion blender works like a charm & rinses off – no clean up, no mess. xoxo, Mom

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